Art# K72 4 inch Original Kayapo Traditional Peyote stitch Beaded Bracelet from Brazil.

  • $35.00

Broaden your style horizons with authentic beaded jewelry from the Kayapo Tribe. Every single bead in the design was handcrafted by women in the Kayapo Tribe of Brazil.

The beauty and precision in color and shape comes through generations of bead makers and cultural art history. Each design is hand strung with authentic glass beads to create intricate bracelet designs and neck chains.

The Kayapo tribes people are the guardians of the rainforest. The tight knit, closed community maintains traditionalist values and fundamental society patterns within the dense, lush rainforest landscape of Brazil. This tribe has only been in contact with outside society since the 1960s and they are still discovering how to negotiate with capitalist opportunities and fight appropriation and rainforest destruction.

Your purchase of Kayapo Art Bead Designs will support the preservation of a beautiful tribal culture and the important rainforest landscape. The tribal artists are paid directly for their wares and all funds raised from these Etsy sales will be reinvested back in the Kayapo community with the purchase of more loose beads and handcrafted designs. Self-sustainability is important in this closed tribe, but the income for artisans will help provide food security for the community.

Support the Brazilian tribe and rainforest with your purchase and inspire conversation right at home with an eye catching beaded bracelet. The bold colors and hypnotizing geometric designs stand out in the Western world and carry the story of the Kayapo Tribe.

Using a silky plastic bag to guide the bracelet over your hand, you can pull on the glass bead cuff and support the Kayapo people.